Properties wishing to claim an exemption from or an extension to the requirements of the Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance of the City of Atlanta must fill out a form below and attach supporting evidence to demonstrate a property’s eligibility for said exemptions or extensions. Please choose the correct year in which you are applying for an exemption or extension.

2023 Exemption/Extension Request Click the link (this applies for 2023 Audits and Calendar Year 2022 Benchmarking Data).

2022 Exemption/Extension Request Click the link (this applies for 2022 Audits and Calendar Year 2021 Benchmarking Data).

Past Years Exemption/Extension Forms:

2021 Exemption/Extension Request (This applies for 2021 Audits and Calendar Year 2020 Benchmarking Data).

2020 Exemption/Extension Request (This applies for 2020 Audits and Calendar Year 2019 Benchmarking Data).

2019 Exemption/Extension Request (This applies for 2019 Audits and Calendar Year 2018 Benchmarking Data).

Please email with any questions.