The Business Case for High-Performance Buildings -The Insitute for Market Transformation explores the business case for high-performance buildings in this webinar. Highlighting that building owners can see a 30% increase in net operating income per square foot and roughly an 18% decrease in operating cost per square foot when compared to non-green buildings. The webinar covers major drivers for green building demand, resources for building owners, financial benefits for building owners, tenants, landlords, and brokers, and more. Read more and watch here.

Cities Can Use Building Energy Data to Drive Efficiency –  Cities across the US, including Atlanta, are implementing building benchmarking and transparency ordinances. These types of building performance ordinances require commercial buildings to publically submit energy and water consumption data in hopes of driving smarter business decisions and energy savings. But how can Cities use this valuable data to accomplish these goals? The Energy Collective explores the findings of IMT’s “Putting Data to Work” project to answer this question. Read full article.