Atlanta’s 100% Clean Energy Plan

On May 1, 2017, the Atlanta City Council unanimously passed Resolution No. 17-R-3510, which directed the Mayor’s Office of Resilience to develop a plan for City of Atlanta operations and community-wide to achieve 100 percent clean energy. The resolution calls for the electricity that powers Atlanta to come from clean energy sources, highlighting energy efficiency and renewable energy as preferred options to meet the goals established by the resolution. Specifically, the resolution defines clean energy as energy efficiency, wind, solar, existing and low-impact hydroelectric, geothermal, biogas, and wave technology sources. Energy efficiency includes traditional technology and behavioral measures, as well as cogeneration and district heat and cooling. The Plan provides different models for how the City of Atlanta’s municipal operations and the entire community can transition to 100 percent clean energy using different policies and programs.

After extensive community outreach, analysis, and dialogue with City leadership, the Mayor’s Office of Resilience has decided to make a recommendation to the Atlanta City Council to adjust the timeline for attaining the 100 percent clean energy for municipal operations and community-wide to 2035. This adjustment of target dates does not impact the short-term strategies and approaches referenced in this Plan; it gives City departments, partners, and stakeholders a more realistic timeline to not only achieve these goals, but to achieve them in a truly equitable, beneficial manner.

Now that the Plan has been adopted, community partners, the Mayor’s Office of Resilience, and City Council will work together to determine what actions should be taken to achieve the goal.

View the plan here: Clean Energy Atlanta: A Vision for a 100% Clean Future

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