It is easy for you to see trends and to track improvement for your entire portfolio of buildings with a variety of standard graphs and reports in Portfolio Manager. Follow these steps to view reports about your properties and to assess progress.

Step 1

Click the Reporting tab to view graphs and reports for a property or portfolio.

atlanta reporting 1

Step 2

Click on the Charts & Graphs options to instantly see colorful graphs of how your portfolio or group of properties is performing. You can print graphs or download the images to incorporate into a presentation or document.

It is also possible to scroll through the available Charts & Graphs by holding down the left mouse button; though, it is much easier to scroll through the available Charts & Graphs from the next page—just click on the picture.

atlanta reporting 2

Step 3

The following metrics are displayed on the Charts & Graphs Page of the Reporting Tab:

  • Energy Star Score
  • Source Energy Use Intensity (EUI) (a measure of the total energy consumed per square foot, including energy consumed at power plants and energy lost due to grid inefficiencies)
  • Site Energy Use Intensity (a measure of the energy consumed per square foot at the building)

    A high Energy Star score and low EUI indicates efficient building operations.

The Charts & Graphs page for each of these metrics contains the following graphics:

  • Average Baseline Period Metric, Average Current Period Metric, and Change in Average Metric
  • Eligibility for Energy Star or Comparison to National Median
  • Metric by Group
  • Metric by Property Type

You can also print or download the graphics to incorporate into a presentation or document.  The groups or types of buildings displayed in each chart can be edited by clicking the Select Groups or Select Types link.

atlanta reporting 3

Step 4

At the bottom of the Charts & Graphs page for each metric, there is Raw Data for these Charts & Graphs. The following tables are available for each metric:

  • Averages by group
  • Averages by property type
  • Averages by state
  • Complete reference table

Click on Averages by Property Type arrow to display the raw data.

atlanta reporting 4

Step 5

Click the Previous Report or Next Report to see other pre-defined Charts & Graphs.

Step 6

Return to the Reporting Page by clicking the Reporting Tab. There are 8 pre-defined report templates under Templates & Reports.  A template is the framework for a report.  A report must be generated from the template before you can view metrics about your properties.

Template Type – Each report template has an icon to the left of the Name field that indicates the type of report.  The pre-defined reports have an icon that looks like a spreadsheet.  Custom report templates have an arrow superimposed on the icon for the pre-defined reports, such as the icon shown for the Utility Summary report below.

Template Status – The Status for each report is displayed to the right of the Name field.  The status for the template displays the time at which the last Action for that template was performed.

Template Action – The Action field for each template is drop-down list showing available actions.  If no report has been previously generated, then the only available action is to Generate New Report.  Once a report has been generated from the template, then additional actions will appear in the Action menu.

Select Generate New Report for the Energy Performance template.

atlanta reporting 5

Step 7

The next step in generating a report from the Energy Performance template is to define the details of the metrics displayed in the report.

Timeframe – The timeframe specifies the desired performance period and the performance period against which to compare.  Current Year provides a report for the most recent 12 months.

Property to Include – These are the properties that will be included in your report.  If One Property is selected, then another dropdown menu will appear with a list of your properties from which the desired property can be selected.  If All Properties are selected, then a report will be generated for all properties in your portfolio.  If Multiple Properties are selected, then a Select Properties button will appear that links to a checklist to select desired properties.

Review Included Metrics – This section displays a table of metrics that will be included in the report.  Hover over the blue items for additional information.  These metrics cannot be changed in a predefined template, but a new custom template can be created on the Reporting page if desired.

Select Compare Baseline Year for the timeframe.  Select All Properties for Selected Properties.  Then, click Generate Spreadsheet.

atlanta reporting 6

Step 8

A notification will appear on the Reporting Page. The newly generated report will be highlighted in green.

From the Action menu, select View Current Report.

atlanta reporting 7

Step 9

The Energy Performance Report will be displayed for all of your properties. This report can be downloaded as a spreadsheet by clicking the Download Report button or downloaded to XML via Download XML.

atlanta reporting 8