The Atlanta Commercial Energy Efficiency Ordinance (15-O-1101) applies to both city-owned and privately owned buildings. Buildings owned by government entities other than the City of Atlanta (such as the school districts, state buildings, and federal buildings) need not comply with the ordinance unless governed by appropriate laws to do so. All covered city-owned buildings are already in compliance with 15-O-1101.

Note: Georgia Power is now offering data aggregation through their Automated Benchmarking Tool. Therefore, multifamily buildings without master meters for electricity have been phased in first with voluntary benchmarking compliance in 2018, and since 2019 have been mandatory for benchmarking compliance.

To determine if a privately-owned building needs to comply with the ordinance, please use the following flow chart or check our building list here:Benchmarking Flow Chart_edited

If your building qualifies for an exception or an exemption, please fill out this form.

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