Retrieving Whole Building Data Using Georgia Power’s Automated Benchmarking Tool (ABT)

Many buildings will be able to retrieve electric data electronically. This can simplify the process of benchmarking by avoiding the need to collect bills and enter data manually.

If you own or manage a multifamily or commercial building that is not master-metered served by Georgia Power, you may be eligible to get total electricity usage data from the utility using their Automated Benchmarking Tool (ABT). This tool will allow you to track energy usage for your whole property. Owners can use this data to assess any potential inefficiencies in their properties and to benchmark the energy performance of their properties.

ABT users will receive an Excel data file of monthly aggregate energy usage for the whole property. This data is capable of manual upload to ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager.

Watch the webinar below provided by Southface about Georgia Power’s Automated Benchmarking Tool. The webinar covers how to register for the ABT and verify your building(s), how to download your whole-building usage data, how to upload ABT data to ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Managerand understanding the value of benchmarking.


  1. To register to use the tool, go to the ABT website and click “Register”:
  2. Note: A tenant consent form may be required IF you have five or fewer tenants OR one tenant uses ≥50% of the building’s total energy usage. This form is available on the registration page below or click this link to download: Georgia Power Customer Data Release Form ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager
  3. Once registered you will need to create your building profile. You will need an account number or meter number associated with at least one electricity account in the building to do so.

  4. After registering for the tool and as you create a building profile, you may verify that all meter numbers for the building are included in the profile and proceed through the tool to receive whole building usage data for the building. You may create more than one building profile if you are interested in whole building usage data for more than one building.
  5. Whole building usage data is downloadable in the form of an Excel sheet, and you may use this data in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager.