Benchmarking Deadlines:

Compliance YearWhat benchmarking data is due?Submission Deadline
2021Calendar Year 2020 Energy and Water Usage DataJune 1, 2021
2022Calendar Year 2021 Energy and Water Usage Data*Extended – January 4, 2023
2023Calendar Year 2022 Energy and Water Usage DataJune 1, 2023

Audit Deadlines:

Compliance Year

Who must comply?

Submission Deadline
2021Buildings whose ABID ends in a 1December 31, 2021
2022Buildings whose ABID ends in a 2December 31, 2022
2023Buildings whose ABID ends in a 3December 31, 2023
*Due to COVID-19, properties required to have an energy audit in 2020 may now defer their energy audit until 2021 automatically. You do not need to submit an exemption or deferment request.

The years in which your property must obtain an energy audit corresponds to the last digit of the building’s ABID (Atlanta Building ID) number. For example, if your building’s ABID ends in a 5, this property will be required to have an audit in 2025, 2035, 2045 etc. Click here to look up your building’s ABID.